Mission Pacific is proud to present The Villas at Friendly Hills, a 42-unit townhome project featuring two and three bedroom residences ranging from 1,101 to 1,814 square feet. The community amenities will include a landscaped gathering space with a covered patio and seating, a bbq area and a dog park.

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The Villas at Friendly Hills will transform what was previously a challenging retail location into a vibrant residential community. The location is highly walkable with numerous business and retail shops, services and public transit close by allowing residents to enjoy the rare ability to visit local shops or even go to work without getting into a car. 

The prominent tower feature on the corner and soft landscape edge along La Serna Drive will provide a visually appealing gateway into the Friendly Hills community.  The Villas at Friendly Hills features a high quality design that is reflective of its prestigious location.   




The property's prior use was a Marie Callender's restaurant that was vacant and had become blighted and was attracting homeless people.  A victim of today's challenging retail environment and changing business dynamics, the demand for these types of uses has been greatly diminished and has increased their failure rates significantly. The Villas at Friendly Hills will provide an attractive transition and buffer between the active commercial uses along Whittier Blvd. and the neighboring Friendly Hills community. The upscale design of the community will be an enhancement to the area.


Residents will benefit from living close to a variety of commercial and retail uses and may even work in the neighboring businesses or hospital. This should positively impact traffic as residents won't have to get into a car for every trip. Based on traffic studies, The Villas at Friendly Hills will generate substantially fewer daily trips than a 9,200 square foot restaurant would generate (like previous use) as well as fewer daily trips than alternative uses like retail shops or offices.


Commercial and retail businesses which are closed in the evenings and sometimes vacant, can attract undesirable activity. The Villas at Friendly Hills will be lived in and its residents will have "eyes on the street" providing an additional layer of neighborhood vigilance improving safety for the surrounding community. The property will also be well-lit with lamp posts, bollards and uplighting.


The Villas at Friendly Hills will pay approximately $270,000 in impact fees to the City which will be used to enhance libraries, public infrastructure, aquatics, parks and schools. It will also pay approximately $200,000 in fees to the school district.



Will the project increase traffic congestion?

Based on traffic studies, daily trips from The Villas at Friendly Hills are projected to be significantly less than the property had it remained a restaurant or were it developed as a retail or office building. Moreover, the property is accessible from both La Serna Drive and Janine Drive further diluting the traffic impacts. 

Will the project impact public safety?

The Villas at Friendly Hills will be lived in by property owners and will be occupied day and night providing watchful eyes over the surrounding areas. Commercial buildings unoccupied after-hours would be more susceptible to attracting undesirable activity. 

Is the project consistent with current zoning?

The property is zoned Shopping Cluster per the Whittier Blvd. Specific Plan (WBSP) which was adopted in July of 2015. The Shopping Clusters designation provides for a density of up to 40 units per acre. This would allow for up to 73 units to be built on the site. The new MU1 designation in the recently approved General Plan allows for up to 30 units per acre on the site. Villas at Friendly Hills, as proposed, is less than 23 units per acre.  

The original concept for the property was a 70-unit, four-story apartment complex that was consistent with the Shopping Clusters zoning. However, after further analysis it was determined that a smaller scale "for sale" townhome community would be more complimentary to the neighborhood than the apartment complex or a larger condominium project. An example of the potential density for the site is provided in the gallery.

Is this project a result of new legislation like SB-9?

The Villas at Friendly Hills is not a result of SB-9 which allows development within single family neighborhoods on individual home sites. In fact, The Villas at Friendly Hills is the type of development that groups opposing SB-9 encourage.

As one of these groups, ourneighborhoodvoices.com states:

"There are proven ways to create new housing without gridlock and sprawl. We can build housing near rapid transit, we can create more housing in our downtown next to jobs...."

The Villas at Friendly Hills is an example of a development that is consistent with these objectives. Its location is an in-fill site and is not sprawl. It is located within the City's main commercial corridor and is walking distance to many businesses and jobs. Public transit is only a short walk away along Whittier Blvd.

The Villas at Friendly Hills is not forcing multi-family development within an area designated as single family residential. It is following the Specific Plan and development guidelines created and approved by the City. In fact, the Villas at Friendly Hills is being developed at a density substantially below the maximum density permitted (23 units per acre vs. 40 per acre).


Will parking will be a problem?

All of the units have two car garages and there are an additional 19 guest parking spaces which meets the parking requirements of the City.

Where will trash containers be picked up?

Trash trucks will service the community from the internal streets. No trash service will occur on Janine Drive or La Serna Drive.



Villas at Friendly HIlls compared to allowable density.

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Villas at Friendly Hills


Villas at Friendly HIlls


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